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                  USDF GOLD MEDALIST
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Jill Beltran  is a gifted instructor and clinician. Her clear instruction, practical suggestions, background, and correct training help people and horses progress. From intro level dressage thru FEI.

Jill Beltran is also a very accomplished Hunter-Jumper and 3-Day eventer. Jill also offers lessons and clinics in these disciplines.

Her dynamic, enthusiastic, articulate teaching help her students achieve their goals. Dressage trainer Jill Beltran answers rider's questions about establishing the correct contact and seat to become in perfect balance with their equine partner.


USDF 8th place, dressage horse of the year, intermediate 1, median score 70% 2011
USDF champion, intermediate 1, breed award 2011
USDF reserve champion, prix st. george, breed award 2011
USDF Reserve Champion Intermediate 1 Breed award 2010
USDF Champion Prix ST. George Breed Award 2009

USDF Champion 4th Level Breed Award 2008
CDS San Diego Circuit Champion 4th Level 2008
USDF Reserve Champion 3rd Level Breed Award 2007
FHANA Presidents Trophy DASC 3rd Level & 4th Level Championship Show 2007
Reserve Champion 2nd Level CDS Championship Show 2006
Reserve Champion 2nd Level DASC Championship Show 2006
USDF Reserve Champion 2nd Level Breed Award 2006
Mutiple Championships San Diego Hunter / Jumper
Circuit 1976-1994
Advanced Level 3-day Eventing, Long Listing for the 1980 Olympic Games
Jump Judge 1984 Olympic Games
Judged many hunter / Jumper, dressage and Friesian shows throughout San Diego
3-day Event clinics in Louisiana and Colorado
3-day Event Course Designing, cross country and stadium

earns her gold medal at Del Mar Nationals 2012 Waling D is currently the only Grand Prix Friesian compeating in the United States


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